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West Coast Energy heating and air conditioning technicians are qualified to service all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. They are trained and certified in all areas of service. Our service charge includes a complete diagnosis of the problem. We explain in detail what the problem is and quote an accurate estimate to fix the system; there are no hidden charges. A yearly preventative maintenance tune-up is recommended on all heating and air conditioning systems. This 22 point tune-up will help prevent problems from arising and maintain the efficiency of your system. Be sure to change or clean your filters frequently to prevent problems.

  • Service & Repairs

    For $72.00 A certified technician will perform a complete diagnostics of your heat or a/c system. After completion of the diagnostic, our technician will provide a written estimate for all repairs including parts and labor. The technician will also offer advise on how to prevent problems from returning.

  • Preventative Annual Maintenance

    Our certified technicians will perform a complete cleaning of your working heat and a/c system, change or wash the system filter, check all system components and adjust as needed and more. Our technician will then advise you of any additional future repairs, component wear & tear and how to prevent future failures. Cost of our maintenance is $114.50 for 1 complete heat and a/c system.
    *Additional charge for 2 or more complete systems
    *additional charge for electronic air cleaners and media filters

  • Zoning

    Zoning is 2 or more thermostats operating 1 heat or a/c system in sectioned areas. With the right equipment and installation, zoning can greatly reduce energy costs and provide advanced indoor comfort. We use multi-speed equipment with zoning for maximum savings while providing the needed airflow in the desired areas. No need to heat or cool unoccupied areas of the home.

  • Installation

    Satisfaction and quality is our priority. Our licensed installers will communicate with you throughout the installation process to ensure your satisfaction and comfort. Our installers strive for perfection in every installation and take pride in their work. All installations are completed in accordance with manufactures design and local codes. We encourage customers to ask questions to fully understand the installation, equipment and operations.

  • Estimates

    ** Installation of new equipment only **
    No Sales Reps! Our certified technicians will take detailed notes of your desired comfort goals in your home or small office to offer the best possible solution with reliable equipment options. Detailed estimates with equipment options and price can be delivered by: mail, email or fax.**With a technician providing the estimate, some equipment can be repaired same day for temporary operations until new equipment is installed. (Restrictions apply)

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