Air Conditioning

What You Need to Know

Zoning is becoming more and more popular due to homeowners needing more heat or cooling in different parts of the home. Zoning allows the homeowner to achieve this by directing heat or cooling to any part of the home when needed. You are now able to maintain a comfortable home without wasting energy by heating or cooling rooms not being used.

Our highly trained heating and air conditioning technicians in Zone systems are available to explain in detail how zoning works, the savings, and how the installation is done. If your home has rooms that get cooler or hotter than others, is two story, or over 2000 square feet, zoning could be the answer to your needs.

Common Problem

The most common problem in heating and air conditioning is poor or restricted airflow. Airflow issues can cause a wide range of problems from equipment failure, high energy bills, uncomfortable home and more. Our certified technicians have the needed tools and required knowledge to perform a complete diagnostics and offer a solution to achieve 100% operations and comfort from your equipment.

Air-Conditioning 101

Shouldn’t Every Room Be As Comfortable As Possible?

ZONING is the independent temperature control of various areas of your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s done with one system, or multiple systems, with dampers or without dampers – the concept is the same. Here’s the beauty of it – with zoning, you can select your own climate in each zoned area. Isn’t that a refreshing thought?

With Zoning You Can Feel the Difference

Are there certain areas in your home that are always too cool or too warm? Is humidity a problem during summer evenings? Have you sometimes wished you could just heat or cool the rooms you spend the most time in rather than heating and air conditioning your entire house? That’s what the Trane Integrated Zone System was designed to do. It puts you in charge of your home’s environment, allowing you to create the perfect climate for the way you live.

Flexibility Is the Key

Most traditional heating and air conditioning systems have one centrally located thermostat that controls the temperature of the entire house. With a Trane Integrated Zone System, your home can be divided into as many as eight different zones depending on its size and the way you live. Each independent zone will have its own zone sensor, which will monitor and control the temperature in its area. As the day progresses, your family lives in different parts of the house. Now, you’ll be able to program each specific zone to be active or inactive depending on your schedule. For instance, you can set the bedrooms to be inactive during the day while the kitchen and living areas are active.

Enhanced Humidity Control Is an Added Bonus

There’s a very special feature of our Integrated Zone System. It’s called Comfort-R™ and it provides enhanced air flow for greater humidity control during air conditioning. The Comfort-R cycle allows the coil to cool down faster and the fan to run at a slower speed during start-up, which provides immediate dehumidification and moisture removal. This managed cycle of air conditioning reduces temperature and humidity variance for the optimum in home comfort.

Come Home to an Integrated Zone System from Trane

A one-story ranch, a two-story Colonial or a split-level contemporary – regardless of the configuration of your home, your Trane dealer can design a zoning system for you. And, it can be done with one central air conditioning system, not multiple units. It will also run so quietly and pr